I was bitten by the “African sickness” back in September 2003.

Since then, I have been living full or part-year in West Africa. It is not my second home, it is my other home.

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The Sahel Calling Project

SahelCalling_Title_dossierThe Sahel Calling Project believes in the power of music to create peace, democracy and joy. The Project supports musicians in their role as peacemakers, human rights activists and merrymakers across the Sahel in West Africa. I founded the project in August 2012 and continue to direct it. I also produced its first short documentary, Sahel Calling. We are currently editing a second feature length documentary and continue to work on celebrating and supporting musicians and raising awareness on the crisis in the Mali and the Sahel.



Publications on West Africa (journalism, reports, fiction&triction, travel writing)

SOS Mali editMy publications on West African range from UN publications to podcasts on pop music stars to articles on art, food and refugees. My fiction, triction and travel topics span from human rights to cultural insights. Please contact me for a full list – below a few highlights:

UNICEF reports, publications, training manuals and guides, case studies, fact sheets (English and French)

Journalism: articles on musicians, art, food and refugees (English and German)

Fiction / Triction / Travel Writing: one published story on Mali (2005) and several publications in the works


N´Gor Village, Sénégal (my African home)

bugaboo up close I have lived as a full-year and partial-year resident of the N´Gor fishing village since September 2003. My thoughts and photo and travel log on N´Gor and  around the country coming soon. So enchanting, frustrating, exhilarating and addictive…this country, culture and its people deserve a few more months of  figuring out how best to portray them…




 My Favorite African Stuff



More info coming soon on my African self and soul and how I would suggest exposing yourself to the African sickness as well.