My favorite place to be is outside with my  “students” – who whether 5 or 65 years-old – are usually teaching me something, too.


My expertise is in informal learning experiences in environmental and agricultural science. I love creating programs which mix disciplines: art+wildlife, music+food, film+human rights, etc. etc. I also have extensive experience in the monitoring & evaluation of learning programs, both formal and informal and qualitative and quantitative. I have covered other topics ranging from child labor to the history of flight.

Below is a highlight of my favorite training and teaching experiences. Please see my CV for an extensive list (pdf coming soon).


Fairtrade International, International Training Program Coordinator

PIC 1, 2, 3 (coming soon)

Working with fairtrade certified farmers in Sri Lanka to improve their practices and comply with fairtrade standards.


Heifer International, Residential Educator + Farmhand

PIC 1, 2, 3 (coming soon)

Heifer is one of my favorite international NGOs working in food sovereignty and poverty alleviation. I spent a few months at their learning center in Massachusetts teaching kids+adults about sustainable food and helping to reduce poverty. I also learned a thing or three about camel husbandry.


The Platanus Elementary and High School

PIC 1, 2, 3 (coming soon)

For its first two years, I helped Platanus build multi-subject, hands-on learning experiences around agriculture and the environment. This included local field trips for high schoolers about sustainable food and environmental conservation –  and founding the school garden with the elementary school kids.


Wildlife Conservation Society & The Smithsonian´s National Zoological Park

PIC 1, 2, 3 (coming soon)

To the debate of animal rights and zoos, I believe that when well-cared for, zoo animals can be great ambassadors for inspiring compassion, understanding and action in “kids” of all ages. As with most of my jobs, I worked simultaneously in education, exhibit design, special events coordination and the monitoring&evaluation of programs and exhibits.