Sahel Calling (2013)SahelCalling_Title_dossier

I produced the 40-minute documentary film, Sahel Calling, which tells the story of the motivational and reconciliatory power of music during the tragic events in Mali in 2012-2013. From concept to launch, I was responsible for all executive and field production, as well as contributing to storyline. I continue to represent the film and its cause through live events and media appearances.

Stream or download the film, in four languages, FOR FREE, here.


This documentary is part of a larger multimedia organisation I founded and direct called The Sahel Calling Project. Join us on facebook and twitter, and join the action here. I am currently co-producing a feature length documentary on the same topic with the first film´s director, John Bosch.


Malian Pieces (pre. 2015)

I am producing this second documentary in the series by The Sahel Calling Project.

Together with the film´s director and co-producer, John Bosch, we are making a film which follows one musician through the journey of how music is impacting the building of a democratic society in Mali.

Filming took place in February and November 2014 in Mali, and includes material from interviews conducted with Malian musicians in New York City, Washington, D.C. and Berlin as well.



Voices of Transition (2013)

Nourishing soils, and our souls: A film about the challenges of our ailing food system, and a heartwarming, seemingly easy solution on how to fix it. I was invited onto this project to assist with sub-title translation, and ended up doing just that, as well as sub-title editing and providing assistance to general project management. Two years later, I was hired to kick off its US promotions and partnerships, which I did for a 1-month time period.







The Kilinba Orchestrafront

I was the starting manager for this West African – European “orchestra” based in Berlin, Germany. I assisted in start-up marketing and with the production of the first album. Listen to their first album here.




The Lazarus Posaunenchorlazarus

I have been sitting 1st and 2nd chair tenor trombone since November 2009. Three weeks after joining, I was part of the performance for Chancellor Angela Merkel. We play for the chancellor, the president and other government as well as religious events. See our upcoming performances and photographs from our previous ones here.



West African Dancetanz

I am an intermediate level dance student of West African traditional rhythms. Diolla, Mendiani, Yancadi and Kuku are my favourite, though I strive to learn enough Sabar to not make a total fool of myself in front of my Senegalese family. I owe my dance bliss to my primary instructor, Mandy Pfennig.