From high level UN reports to features on musicians, refugees and chimps – I write, edit and translate all with great passion and joy for my subject matter, and subjects. Working on several pieces on Africa right now…



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I write feature and investigative pieces for media outlets such as The Guardian, Deutsche Welle, Songlines Magazine, Exberliner. Highlights include:

August 2014 – Sex & Environmentalism: “Gay Games: the power of LGBT pride in driving sustainability“, The Guardian

August 2014 – Africa & Art: “An Interview with Senegalese Filmmaker Fatou Kandé Senghor“,

July 2014 – Environmentalism: “World Cup mascot Fuleco fails to promote ecology and conservation“, The Guardian

May 2014 – Environmentalism: “Can ‘humanizing’ animals help conserve them?“, Deutsche Welle

March 2014 – Environmentalism & Religion: “Indonesia´s fatwa shows religious duty can be a route to sustainable behaviour“, The Guardian

October 2012 – Refugees: “Tales from Görlitzer Park: The African Bushes“, Exberliner Magazine

September 2012 – Africa & Music & War: “S.O.S. Mali: Musicians and War in Mali“, Songlines Magazine


Publications & Reports

I have coordinated, edited, written, translated and presented publications for The United Nations, The Smithsonian Institute and many other large and small international and local organizations. This includes working with contracted photographers, graphic designers, printers, etc.

May 2014 – “Biking in West Africa” (author), article in the Annual Report of the Walking & Biking Alliance

October 2010 – “Global 2015 Report in HIV/AIDS” (editor)

May 2009 – “Science Teacher Training Program” (researcher, evaluator and author)

Sept 2003 – May 2006 Publications, reports, newsletters and training materials for the UNICEF Regional Office for West and Central Africa (publications coordinator, editor, writer, translator). Highlights include:

Girls´ Educations Newsletters, Country and Regional Fact Sheets, Global Emergency Reports, Children´s Governments Training Guides


Training & Teaching

I have designed, implemented, monitored and evaluated learning curricula for audiences ranging from 3 years-old to 100. With a focus on environmental and agricultural sustainability, I have also worked on food sovereignty and children´s rights. A short list of modules include:

Fairtrade International Training Module on New Standards (environmental, social and economic)

Train-the-Trainer Programs for Fairtrade International and The Girl Scouts of the USA

Elementary and High School Level hands-on curricula for in-classroom and field excursions

More information available on my teaching page.


Fiction & Triction & Travel Writing


Fiction: I am currently working on my first book and will soon e-publish a series of “triction” stories.

  • Triction, defined: Travel/Truth/Fiction: Blending actual daily events, surroundings and people with imagination, readers enter into distinct worlds via creative storylines embedded in honest truths. (sidenote, as of 1 August 2014, I hereby coin this term. Extensive google searching shows me its mine. Prove me wrong?)


Travel: For the past year, I have been working as author, translator and editor for a company which is outsourced by kayak and expedia (and several other online travel companies as well as airline and hotel companies). I  create and treat copy on travel stories, POI & hotel descriptions, flight and hotel regulations, etc.

I also write avidly while traveling. Selections from travel publications and blogs include Sénégal, Mali, Sri Lanka and Germany (pdfs coming soon!)


Language Skills

American English – native

British English – extensive publications experience and teaching

French – proficient, experience in UN publications

German – proficient, experience in translation work

Italian – basic

Wolof – basic

I have basic skills in several other languages through international training and development work and I am quick and willing to learn new languages.