Sahel Calling Project

The Sahel Calling Project is my film+music project to support human rights in Mali and the Sahel – and the musicians working towards peaceful conflict resolution.

I founded The Sahel Calling Project in August 2012 after feeling like the world´s media was failing Mali, the neighboring country of my home, Sénégal. With friends trapped in a nightmare of extremist and rebel insurgents, I set out to rally musicians, journalists, UN agencies, NGOs and regular, normal people to support human rights and brave musicians in Mali and the Sahel — and the diaspora. The project produces multimedia, does outreach and advocacy, a whole lot of connecting folks to one another, and is seeking funding to produce a feature length film and pull off an amazing music exchange program between Mali and the UK.

Watch my first film, Sahel Calling, for FREE! 

The quick facts:

The Sahel Calling Project believes in the power of music to create peace, democracy and joy. The Project supports musicians in their role as peacemakers, human rights activists and merrymakers across the Sahel in West Africa.

The project focused on four activities:
1. Filmmaking and distribution
2. Peace-through-Music Projects
3. Media Outreach & Advocacy
4. Musician Support & Liaison

The Sahel Calling Project invites a global audience to get involved in all of its initiatives, including the free distribution of a our short documentary film, as well as in projects, media outreach and musician response. Visit our Get Involved Page for more information and our blog for updates.

I am currently working on producing our next film, which will be a feature-length documentary entitled “Malian Pieces” which looks at the role of music in building democracy.