“It’s a risk, but it’s our custom.” (ebola + music)

….says the traditional griot in Mali, who took to his motorbike with megaphone and sound system trailing along…shouting out the news that ebola had reached Kayes, a northwest town in a country which had been up until 2 weeks ago, free of the disease. griot megaphone

Griots are storytellers and singers responsible for passing on history, solving disputes and communicating important information. they have been heralded for thousands of years in West Africa.

Can griots help stop the spread of ebola? as this griot says, some measures were taken seriously, though the customs of sharing meal plates and sipping teas has not stopped.

It definitely seems that the honouring of some traditions – like having griots be the frontline communicators – in combination with western medicine, is the only way to stop this thing…

Praise Singer Spreads Word About Ebola in Mali Town

(foto by Katarina Höije)


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